2016 Newsletters

January 1, 2016  |  Newsletter


Deadlines, December 15th last installment of 2016 income tax, December 31st deadline for tax-free gifts and paying expenses you want to deduct on your 2016 income tax return. Be prepared for a higher social security wage base in 2017,Check your basis in your S corporation before the end of the year, No change to nanny tax threshold, Judge Halts Enforcement of Overtime Regulations, Accelerated due dates for filing returns and statements relating to employee wage information 


Save yourself some stress. Start your year-end tax review now, Insurance enrollment begins this month, Can your business survive these seven potential disasters?,Stay ahead of the deadline for 2016 required minimum distributions, 

Time to renew Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers,Ohio minimum wage to increase Jan 1st  


Plan ahead for year-end business tax savings, New procedure for 60-day rollover errors, Tax relief for Louisiana storm victims, Smart financial decisions are simple, but not easy.  


Important reminders, IRS sets 2017 HAS limit, Consider these financial tips in troubling economic times 


IRS grants more time to benefit from this tax credit, The part-year withholding method can increase your paycheck, Get organized and improve your business, Avoid penalties by keeping accurate information return records, Plan for the fate of your digital assets 

JULY 2016

Important reminders, Will you be ready for the new overtime pay rules, Follow these steps to a comfortable retirement, Are you at risk of an audit, Form 5500 filing reminder and changes to note, Ohio sales tax and use tax sales tax holiday.

JUNE 2016

 Make June business tax planning time, Did you get your new "chip" card?, Report your foreign financial accounts by June 30, How to respond to an IRS notice, Your business May Qualify for this extended tax break, New overtime rules will have a big impact employers and employees

MAY 2016

Make June business tax planning time, Did you get your new "chip" card?, Report your foreign financial accounts by June 30, How to respond to an IRS notice, Your business May Qualify for this extended tax break, New overtime rules will have a big impact employers and employees 

APRIL 2016

April is a busy month for taxes, Here are other major mid-April deadlines, A tax return is required to claim an insurance premium credit, Simple steps can lead to growing savings, Are you missing a refund? 

MARCH 2016

If you haven\\'t yet begun saving for retirement, a myRA may be a reason to start. "myRA" is an acronym for "my Retirement Account." myRAs cost nothing to open, have no fees, and let you start saving with any amount that fits your budget. You can open a myRA even if you have other retirement accounts. Your myRA belongs entirely to you and can be moved to any new employer that offers direct deposit capability.


Note upcoming tax deadlines,Be aware of inflation-adjusted 2016 tax number,Make time for a conversation with your parents about finances,Get the right paperwork to claim charitable deductions


Be aware of these tax deadlines, Tax extender act renews tax breaks, Standard mileage rates reduced for 2016