August 2021 Newsletter

July 29, 2021

August 2021 Newsletter

Important Reminders

August 2- United States Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Returns are Due 

                  United States Employee Benefit Plan Annual Return/ Report are Due 

August 6, 2021, at 12:00 a.m. to Sunday, August 8, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.- Ohio will have a sales tax holiday                

              During the holiday, the following items are exempt from sales and use tax:

  • An item of clothing priced at $75 or less;
  • An item of school supplies priced at $20 or less
  • An item of school instructional material priced at $20 or less. 

    Items used in a trade or business are not exempt under the sales tax holiday. 
    For more information regarding the sales tax holiday, please refer to the Department’s Sales Tax Holiday Frequently Asked Questions available on the Department’s website
    If you have any additional questions regarding this information, please contact the Department at 1-888-405-4039 or
    e-mail .

August 10- Second Quarter Ohio CAT is due

September 6
- Labor Day

September 15 - Filing deadline for 2020 calendar-year S corporation and partnership tax returns on extension 

                    3rd quarter installment of 2021 estimated income tax is due for individuals, calendar-year corporations and calendar-year trusts & estates

*Note to Clients that Use the Secure Portal:
We wanted to inform you that we will be utilizing a different service for securely transferring documents back and forth with you. We will be moving from Sharefile / Right Signature to ImagineTime/ AssureSign. We will be sending out emails with instructions and invitations to the new system. Please give us a call with any questions.